Poll: Children's play pen - keep or dispose?

As part of the snug cleanup process, people who were involved identified items that we may not want to keep. We agreed in a member meeting to poll the membership on each item.

  • If you are the owner/guardian etc of the item, please say so in a reply to stop the poll.
  • Please vote and then, if you wish, make a case in a reply post for your stay/go vote.
  • If you would be interested in taking over the item, post that in a reply.
  • Polls will stay open for 7 days.
  • Items with no votes at all will be disposed of.

Description: A set of play pen panels and door. Something like this:

  • Keep
  • Dispose

0 voters

It’s been in the snug for 2 years. It’s dirty and dusty.

Surely it can be cleaned. This should be available to use in the social area for members with young children


Definitely we have to keep this, very important try and keep the space friendly two parents with very young children.

Also toddlers crawling around could present a serious health and safety problem