Plywood panel

(Tudor Tenea) #1

Hey guys, I have a plywood offcut that I want use for a lightbox base.

Description of storage request (include dimensions)
1 pece of ply (roughly 1220 x 900)

Storage Location (be precise)
Against the wall, behind the pillar drill in the wood workshop

Start Date (be in the future if possible!)
Friday 09th Aug 2019

End Date (be pessimistic)
eg. Sat 31st Aud 2019

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Tudor – storage items need to be in the Snug: we need to keep workshops clear

(Tudor Tenea) #3

Hi Dermot,

Apologies, I’ll move it when i come in again. Not sure where the snug is but I’ll ask around.



(Dermot Jones) #4

No problem – part of the storage request system is that someone reads them just in case items might be in the wrong place

The ‘Snug’ is the room at the back through the door beside the laser cutter