Pledge drive for 2nd Bambu X1 Carbon SUCCESSFUL

Hi all,
I think it’s time we start a second pledge drive for another X1 carbon. This printer is overwhelmingly popular and it would be a great addition to increase our capacity. As you have seen the flashforge and a few other printers will be leaving us soon to make some space and any money for their sale will go to this purchase.

We should go straight for a carbon with AMS so the target is currently £1,319.


Total: £850

Qidi sale: £100
Photon sale: £60
Ultimaker sale: £205
Flashforge and wash station sale: £150

  1. @palmada £35
  2. @sabtab £25
  3. @tmilner £25
  4. @christian £25
  5. @shawaj £25
  6. @Ananse £25
  7. @EdwardE £25
  8. @davidN £25
  9. @asander1 £25
  10. @nhjansen £25
  11. @Oddstag £25
  12. @Pippa_Warren £25
  13. @dhdrysdale £25
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Backed the original X1 but it’s often difficult to get some time on it… gotta be one of the busiest machines in the space, so makes sense to get a second one!

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Sorry, not to be a wet blanket - but are there any thoughts on where this new machine will go? I was at the space yesterday to use the textile area and there was a 3D printer already on the textile cutting high table. There should not be 3D printers on that high table and adding another one makes me think this will become a norm.

I don’t want to put a stop to any 3D printing but can we agree it stays in its own area please.


Hi Tracy,

Yes, We have 3 printers up for offer at the moment in order to clear some space. We have a full layout plan, Its a little cluttered at the moment as we get things shuffled about. Sorry, I had the large printer up on the curring table as I was doing some maintenance on it and needed to get all around the printer. I’ will try to make space and do maintainece on the main table form now on.


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Thanks Sam (@scday94) - I just wanted a little reassurance (and give a hint to others) so this doesn’t become the standard place for people to use them if other space is limited.


Of course, completely understandable. All our printers will have a dedicated home an won’t need moving to operate once we have finished the shelving unit properly.


Just a quick post to bump this. We have now sold the Qidi (to leave the space soon) and the small photon Mono is outbound soon listed on ebay. This should push us a bit closer to the target.

The flash forge is due to be listed soon as well.


Just added the £60 from the Photon sale. One step closer!


Added the Sale of the ultimaker to the pledge drive. thats and extra £205 towards the second Bambu!


Added £150 form the sale of the Flashforge & resin wash station.


Great news everyone!


The directors have agreed to match the remainder of the pledge for the X1 Carbon with AMS!

Thank you all for pledging. I shall message all the people with pledges shortly with payment details.

All the best,




2 Bambus, 2 AMS and a Voron. FDM dream lineup :star_struck:.


we will get resin up to match soon! Just need a couple hundred thousand for the polyjet