Please delete my account

Hello everyone,

Please remove this account from your site. I tried doing it myself in the Account settings, but couldn’t find the option.

My account was created some years ago for a brief visit. I do not even live in London.


With kind regards,



It’s not possible to delete accounts on Discourse once they have a couple of posts: I believe this is due to the interwoven nature of the forum – you could unravel a lot of threads by removing someone

However there are two options:

    1. deactivate your account – this will leave your posts in the archive and allow you to rejoin later if you choose
    1. the nuclear option: ‘anonymize’ your account – the system will work through and replace your name with an anonymous name

P.S. our Discourse forum is of course open to all, and not just members, and you are very welcome to stay

Hi Dermot hope this message finds you well,

Since moving to Lewisham opportunities to get to the maker space have decreased plus what with the pandemic and work pressure spare time has all but vanished!

So it’s with a heavy heart I’m having to leave the SLMS family and delete my subscription. I’m not sure what the formal process of doing that is?

Maybe in the future I’ll be able to rejoin but for now I’ll say many thanks, it’s a fantastic organisation here everyone is amazing! And see you soon.

Kind regards


Hi Richard,

Thank you for being a member, and for staying on during the pandemic: members who’ve stayed on have been keen to our survival

The simplest way is to just cancel your direct debit via your bank, after that your membership will expire automatically