Plastic router collets?

I have just discovered that my router is producing grooves which are a bit wider than the stated diameter of the bits. The 1/8 th inch bit produces a groove just a hair less than 5/32. I am going to make some boxes and will be using banding, stringing etc so I need to be able to produce accurate grooves. I am going to replace the collet. I have found genuine Makita collets. I was surprised to find a Makita collet made from plastic! Does anyone have any experience with such collets? Secondly can anybody recommend a supplier of quality collets? I am using a knock off rt0700. The Katsu, I don’t wish to purchase a Katsu or Aim tools replacement. Thanks

I personally haven’t seen a router with plastic collets. Routers are dangerous enough :scream:

Would try to see if the DeWalt collet for the similar sized router fits. (DeWalt DWE6005-GB)

I will check it out.