Pillar drill / holes in wood

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Hi there, I’ve done the Basic Woodworkshop Induction, but not sure if it includes the pillar drill. I have a flat piece of wood, around 12mm thick, 40 cm diameter. I need holes drilled around the edge as in the photo. Is anyone around tomorrow (Weds) who could give me a hand? I have used a pillar drill before and I do think I can use it but I just thought I’d mention it …

Yea Pillar drill is in the basic induction if you still feel safe feel free to use it.

I should be around tomorrow evening if you would like a refresher on some of the functionality. I don’t mind if anyone who knows how to use the tool shows you before I get there

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OK thankyou!!

If you need the holes to be placed accurately, consider using the big CNC. I could help you with that if you want to do it that way.

ETA - I have booking for the big CNC tomorrow (Weds) - if you want to do it that way, I could fit that in if you can be around from 5pm or earlier.


OK I’ll be at the space around 5pm…the holes aren’t going to be seen, I’m threading wire through them and it will all be covered in fabric so the holes don’t have to be neat really. But I’ll see you tomoz if you’re around… thankyou!!!

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