Physically Broken Fob

(Duck) #1

My door fob has broken off so it no longer attaches to my keyring… not sure Sugru will hold it on where the original plastic has disintegrated… so what’s the procedure for replacing a fob with a new one ? I assume I need to deactivate the wreckage of the old one somehow?

and are there any fobs at the moment? I seem to remember someone mentioning they were all gone?

I will be adjacent to the space later today, so could pop in and replace if it’s simple…


(Dermot Jones) #2


Yes, just replace it with a fresh one, in a jar behind the membership kiosk monitor

(Duck) #3

ah great, thanks.
(and replacing it with a new one deactivates the old one?)

(Dermot Jones) #4

Yes, follow instructions on the kiosk