Pens, pens, pens! Got some? We want them!

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Hi all,

We seem to be always low on pens of any sort at the space.

Instead of buying another load and adding to the ever growing pile of plastic that our planet has to deal with I wanted to see if anyone has some spare at home they want to donate.

Maybe you have a collection of old office pens or are just a avid penthusiast (ok, was that too much? You need to draw the line somewhere! ) ?
Any pen helps! Just drop them off in the top drawer of the stationary chest of drawers next to the black couch!

Thank you and if you could help that would be inkredible!


What about using a pencil? No plastic.

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Pencils are definitely the preferred option from a environmental perspective but you can’t write on some surfaces with pencils we we need different options for different materials :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m with Ian – it’s 2021 and we’ve declared Climate Emergency as an organisation…let’s have environmentally sustainable stationary from now on. No more single use biros, and there must be refillable/recyclable Sharpies by now?