Pendant Lamp Shade 2.0

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(Jeremy Clark) #1

Made this one a while ago, but hadn’t got around to posting up on here. Pendant Lamp Shade 2.0 :slight_smile:

(Rich Maynard) #2

Really nice!

(Jeremy Clark) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Louis) #4

What are the materials?

(Jeremy Clark) #5

3mm poplar plywood, painted white.

Normally I would have stained rather than painted the wood, but my partner did some experimentation with screen printing on the panels, it wasn’t massively successful so I painted over the top with white paint.

(Pete Hellyer) #6

One for a bit of #troteclove on the twitterverse ?

(Jeremy Clark) #7

Yes, was going to put it on Instagram and tag them… haven’t got round to it yet, will try to tonight :slight_smile: