PC Monitor failure

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Hi everyone!

My very useful monitor to wfh decided to fail in lockdown… Basically when I plug the power adapter to the screen the led in the adapter starts to blink and the screen doesn’t turn on.

Is there anyone knowledgeable in electronics who could have a look at it? I hate the idea of throwing it to the bin when it might be something easy to repair…

Alternatively, does anyone have a monitor for sale?

My eyes would be really grateful if someone could help with that!)



I like this person’s general approach to fixing/reusing things…

it might not exactly show how to fix your particular screen problem but he often shows how the electronics can be dismantled and reimplemented.

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Probably a faulty power adapter, take a photo of the sticker on it and people can help you find a replacement power adapter.

The adapter is probably ultrasonically sealed so thats past repair.


Thanks for that!

So… Do you think it could be just a failure in the adapter rather than in the monitor itself?

The led on the adapter is on when not plugged into the monitor, and as soon as I plug it, it starts blinking but the monitor doesn’t switch on. Few days ago was doing the same, but after 5 minutes led light remained on and the monitor worked well…

I guess I’ll end buying a new one and donating the old one if someone wants it to reuse any components… 8h in front of a laptop’s small screen is a nightmare :wink:

Many thanks!

Sounds like a case of bad capacitors on the PSU, I can’t seem to find any I can comfortably advice to buy on amazon but farnell have this one :


according to the one you posted it’s a 12v 5A (!) 2.5mm center positive DC plug

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Hey Andrea!

Many thanks! Ordered the power supply… Let’s cross fingers and see if that solves it!


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I have a spare monitor you can have if you like? Just needs a stand. It’s a wide screen

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Many thanks! Will receive the new power supply tomorrow and check how it goes…

Hey Andrea!

The new power supply worked perfectly!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much guys! I’ll get you a drink next time we meet in the space… Hopefully soon :wink:



Nice diagnosing @unknowndomain and @emuboy!

Now…is it possible to those sealed PSUs? Could always 3d print a new case after you’ve wrecked the old one?

I would suggest SLMS having an ultrasonic plastic welder thingy might help if one can be safely provided in future.

But theres also no reason not to pop it open and use aryldite to seal it up.

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You can buy replacement cases with screws around but I advice to not repair them, most of the time of the caps or a MOSFET it’s gone it has possibly reach end of life

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