Pallet wood picture frames

(Damian) #1

Hi All
I want to make a few picture frames out of pallet wood and wanted to know what tools I’m not allowed to use and which ones I am.

(Pete Hellyer) #2

@woodtechs are your folks here, but IIRC no reclaimed wood near the good power tools, unless you can swear absolutely that there is nothing lurking within.

(EdwardBilson) #3

This is covered in the woodshop foundation induction (which you require to be using any power tools in the shop anyway).

Some hand tools are not for reclaimed (i.e. pallet) wood - notably planes, the tenon saws etc.

If you’re keen to refinish the wood then the handheld belt sander, electric planer and orbital sander are your best bet.
Hope that helps.

(Luke M) #4

Just in case you aren’t already aware (ignore this if you are!), do check the pallets your using for a mark containing MB. If it has that mark on it, it’s not safe for use in a domestic setting as it’s been treated with methyl bromide.

More info here

(Damian) #5

Yes I remember being told on the induction but just wanted to be 100% about the rules. Hope that’s ok.

(Damian) #6

No I wasn’t Luke so cheers for the heads up. I have access to a stack of pallets and will definitely give them a good checking over

(EdwardBilson) #7

Always better to ask. The usual common sense measures on processed wood and sanding apply - would strongly advise you to pick up a dust mask for this one.

(Damian) #8

I totally agree. It is always best to ask and I never work on any of my projects without my trusty dust mask. :grin:

(RobertL) #9

I’m happy to help with most upcycling projects including use of necessary tools

I’m inducted in the wood workshop, although not the larger machines yet

I also have some good 36v tools for use anywhere in south London

(Damian) #10

Hey Robert really appreciate the offer.
Likewise I’m inducted in the wood shop but not on the larger power machines.

What 36v do you have by the way?

(RobertL) #11

Several Bosch sds drills and circular saw
Dewalt: circular saw, sds and hammer drill, impact driver, jigsaw and recip saw

And my ebikes!