Overloading a parcel shelf - table idea

My partner and I are getting into camping, and one thing we’d like is a table. Issue is, our car doesn’t have a lot of space inside, and a table is likely to be quite a bulk (excluding those small fold down camping tables).

I could buy one of those small folding tables, but they’re not very big or study, and they’re actually quite expensive (£50+ for a dining height one).

So, you may have seen my “fixing my broken parcel shelf” post, and I’ve been thinking… Could I design and build a table with legs built in, to replace the parcel shelf in the car!?

Looking for some inspiration, I found this video where someone has made basically what I was thinking out of ply:

DIY Portable Foldable Desk From One Sheet of Plywood - YouTube

Now to get the tape measure out, and my thinking cap on…

Just a thought, if you’re not precious about the table been completely solid, you could take a rectangular piece of PLY and design the legs into the table top. I found something that illustrates this point: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/530650768566715605/

Essentially you could store your table anywhere as it’ll only be 16mm thick.

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That is cool.

I think I need to (first learn, then) play around with some designs in Fusion 360 to see what kind of height I’d achieve with something like that. Of course it doesn’t need to be a parcel shelf replacement, but there’s not much else space for it to go in the car.

You’ve sent me down a rabbit hole! Thanks :grimacing: