Our 'new' BBQ! We need gas!

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Thanks to @frazer for getting the stuck gas valve working…now we need some gas! @Howard reckons it’s propane. Do you have a bottle we can use to test it ahead of December 13th? Have a look at the connector

Hook it up to Howard for cheap biofuel.


Trust your superior brain for coming up with such an innovative solution.


I’ve got butane if you want to try that. I use it with my blowtorch but I have way more than I can use


I believe that regulator is for Patio gas cylinders (propane)

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This is my ‘Calor gas butane regulator’ if this helps, its for my outdoor wok burner.

I have a propane tank I can lug down to test. But it looks like the bbq needs a lot of help first?

If we can test it, and know what we need…we can fix the rest up?

i’m with @Jackd, that looks like a Patio Gas regulator which is a Propane/Butane mix.

I have a cylinder that could be borrowed but it would need collecting from Bromley ?


will bring it Sunday eve and find out

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Hey Fred…did this get tested? Party is quite soon…

Good shout, I’ll come down today and do it.

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Got the gas here. Cannot find bbq. Skills failing me

Hey…apologies Fred…it’s locked away in Arch 2 @Howard are you around to sort this?

No hurry everyone. I’ll leave the gas here. You can find out when the arch is next open. I’ll collect later post bbq as I’m 90% sure it’s the right thing

Also if its not I have an old head of the right type and pipe so can redo the damn thing if needed. (maker that makes flame cannons)

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So the old head leaks. I’ll bring pipe and head down around 6

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