Optimising my router

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A router can be a really effective system, the potential within a router is vast but like most tools it requires a little effort.
I like my tools to function nicely. I noticed my offset router base was flexing very slightly at the very first usage. This meant it was cutting deeper the further off the work it went. This basically turns the router from a piece of kit which will cut perfect co planer surfaces, into a piece of crud. I made a nice new base. I can make extremely precise predictable cuts now.
Similarly, I realised I was going to be making some cuts using the edge guide. The edge guide for the Makita, or the Makita clone, is not a precision accessory. I had never used the edge guide previously because of it’s poor accuracy. I made two precision edge guides. One normal edge guide and one with micro adjustment. The crucial part of both guides is the oak strip, it needs to be straight and square to give a solid accurate reference; I put a few microns of concavity into the fences. So, now I have two precision edge guides capable of delivering accurate cuts. My cheap router makes predictable cuts now.


More precision quality from you Giles! Nice one! :slight_smile:

I keep telling people about your blade sharpening workshops, any idea when you want to maybe start doing some of them?

Also, sounds like you are a router expert too so maybe you could work out some good router induction/workshops for people who ask?

If you’d like some help organising the admin and waiting lists for these then I’m quite happy to assist (as long as I get some free places very high up the list?)

I will post a sharpening evening in the next few days. I am going to the space tomorrow and I will check out the router and work out something once I locate it all. I thought you did a router induction already. Jonty knows all about routers.

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Yeah, I’m ok with router but always good to get more practice, router sledge, jigs etc ? See you at space today anyway, I’m there all day :+1:

Okay, is Ryan there, was wanting to know about the state of the bandsaw?