Opening a Kensington lock cabinet

(David Santoro) #1

We lost the key of a cabinet in my office. It contains mobile phone used for testing.

I’d like to break the lock and replace it with something else.

Do you think I could use a normal battery powered drill to drill through the lock?
If so, what type of drill bit shall I use?

Thanks for your advice,

(electrotech) #2

Have you seen how people unlock them with cardboard?

(David Santoro) #3

I think that was the older model, I’ll give it a go though.

(unknowndomain) #4

You should be able to drill it out and replace it however the hole it sits in will be round with two flat edges, and those might bend if the drill torqs it.

Have remove one before by attacking with a screwdriver and dismantling it through the front of the body.

(David Santoro) #5

That’s interesting, did you just squeeze the screwdriver between the lock and the door?

(Andrea Campanella) #6

Another alternative it’s to trill around the lock and then use a bigger one.

(unknowndomain) #7

Nope, through the lock barrel.

You can just drill through the lock too using a HSS bit some oil, goggles and a drill.

(Andy Sanderson) #8

Rather than brute force… pick the lock and replace it…

(unknowndomain) #9

That was my second thought but buy the tools for one use?!?!

(Andy Sanderson) #10

Yes, depends in if you find the challenge of opening the lock without destroying it interesting & fun…

If you know the size of the lock you just get the one pick…

About £8 and a bit of fun/challene maybe!!!?? :slight_smile: