(Howard Batchen) #1

This open-source food plant growing, monitoring, environment controlled, Personal Food Computer project looks interesting.

(Dean Forbes) #2

Are you making one ?

(Pete Hellyer) #3

I remain super keen on this:

(Daniel Sikar) #4

Drag and drop broccoli :joy:

(Daniel Sikar) #5

I like the Personal Food Computer - I’m looking at growing Paracress and PFC looks perfect for the job.

(Dean Forbes) #6

I considered applying for an allotment so I could try a farm bot… but the truth is I just don’t have the capacity even if I am curious and think it is cool

(Howard Batchen) #7

I’m certainly interested

(Dean Forbes) #8

is a SLMS allotment a wild idea ? is such a thing possible

(Pete Hellyer) #9

It’s been mentioned before in various ways and means… no recollection of what the temperature in the room was though.