Open house format

(David Mccairley) #1

hi…as a refugee from the defunct hackney space i was wondering what the “open house” format is (was) and if it was going to be implemented soon as suggested on the website? heres hoping… fraternal and seasonal greetings . dave

david mccairley

(Dermot Jones) #2

Open Evenings?

They’re happening again under the radar on Wednesday evenings from 7.30, with a tour at about 7:45

There’ll be one this week, but likely not next week due to Christmas

(David Mccairley) #3

thanks dermot
i will try to get down this wed.

(Shachaf Karvat) #4

Hi, will there be an open day next week (09/01/19)?

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #5

Hi shachaf, yes there will be, with kindest of regards Brian

(Shachaf Karvat) #6

Great, I’ll be there :slight_smile: