Open Evening

Have you been lurking on Discourse for a while? Have you been curious to come and check out the space in person?? Maybe you signed up for the waiting list and have just been waiting?

Well then come along to:

Open Evening!

Come by the space and get a tour, see the tools, meet some Makers and ask any questions you may have!

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Time: 7pm - 9pm (drop in anytime)
Location: South London Makerspace,
Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road,
London, SE24 9AJ

It is in the railway arches, behind the Costcutter, next to Canopy Brewing…

See you then!

Spoiler!: Here is an artist’s impression of the inside of Arch 1:


who made that drawing? It’s soooo good?

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Yea! I dunno! Was buried in Discourse…

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Tim Hunkin


Woah - this guy is awesome!

" In 1976, he designed the flying pigs and sheep for rock band Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh tour, promoting their Animals album."


Did he really? I went the other day to his thingie… it’s so fun! He even opened up one of the machines! I told him I’d bring a bunch of you people the next “drinks thursday”… do you think there would be interest in that?


He’s brilliant…check out his Youtube channel

He spent an afternoon at SLMS drawing this for Dominic Morrow’s book about Maker/Hackspaces – I think the book project stalled…but we have this wonderful memento!


Yes! What “drinks Thursday”?

It’s on 7th April!


I tried about 1/3 of the machines… would be happy to go back to try a few more out… plus if we go en-masse, I suspect the nerditry will rise to high-heavens level! Who’s with me?


I definitely want to go! But can’t that night! Don’t wait on me though!! Soon!!

Wowww awesome !!!

Oh, WOW!

I saw his collection of novelty arcade machines in Southwold! They are so much fun!

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