Open Evening, January 24th, 7pm-9pm

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Have you been lurking on Discourse for a while? Have you been curious to come and check out the space in person?? Maybe you signed up for the waiting list and have just been waiting?

Well then come along to:

Open Evening!

Come by the space and get a tour, see the tools, meet some Makers, and ask any questions you may have!

Date : Wednesday, January 24th, 2024
Time : 7pm - 9pm (drop in anytime, no reservation required)
Location : South London Makerspace,
Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road,
London, SE24 9AJ

[It is in the railway arches, behind the Costcutter.
(Find South London Makerspace )

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See you then!

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Hello there,
I am interested in joining the space and community and would love to come and have a look around.
Unfortunately I have other commitments on Wednesday evenings.
Is there any other good time?
Or can I arrange one, initially Iā€™m mostly interested in the wood workshop.
Ps: never used discourse before so apologies if my message is in the wrong place
Iā€™m not at all sure how I will find the answer if I get one

@Lucy, do you live near by? If so I would suggest just trying to pop by when ever works for you. Its not always open but if there is a green tick up top someone is in the space and often people are willing to spare a few mins to show people around. It really depends what they are doing though so it maybe a bit hit or miss. Generally evenings around 8-9 seem to have several people around.

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Iā€™m going to drop in later this eve from around 7.30.