Open Evening 21st September, 7pm-9pm

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Have you been lurking on Discourse for a while? Have you been curious to come and check out the space in person?? Maybe you signed up for the waiting list and have just been waiting?

There shall be cake!!!

Well then come along to:

Open Evening!

Come by the space and get a tour, see the tools, meet some Makers and ask any questions you may have!

Date : Wednesday, September 21st, 2022
Time : 7pm - 9pm (drop in anytime)
Location : South London Makerspace,
Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road,
London, SE24 9AJ

It is in the railway arches, behind the Costcutter, next to Canopy Brewing…

See you then!

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Hi Mark,

thanks for doing this… just one question…what sort of cake are we talking about?

Hello Petra,

I haven’t made up my mind yet. Do you have a request? Not a fan of chocolate cakes, so please keep that in mind.

I’ve made an almond cake for my first Open Evening and a lemon and poppy seed cake for the volunteer day. I am sure you can find the pictures on Discourse.

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Not a request no, that’s up to you… Lucky atendees!

Members are also welcome to Open Evenings! Come along, say hello and sample some cake!

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I might as well! Thanks for invite!

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Afraid I’ll be chugging along on a canal somewhere up near Birmingham so will miss this one (and the cake)