Oh Crumbs! Using all the little bits and pieces

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Some of you will have seen me about the textile area, cutting squares and learning about quilting. I have put the squares down for few days this week…to try crumbing.

Which basically involves taking all the little bits ‘crumbs’ left over from projects (including those from cutting out squares)…

And then sewing them together…

…into a crumb quilt…nice but not so handy.

So I then sewed this into a little bag…

I think this is a fantastic way to use up some of the fabric left over from projects or clothes you don’t wear anymore. This is what orginally got me into the idea of learning quilting…to utalise fabric and clothes I already owned that might not be enough to make a ‘complete’ item.

If you would be interested in discussing, learing or sharing ideas for crumbing or quilting please do get in touch! If you’ve a big pile of left over small fabrics, its a great way to use them.

This is a new activity for me, so I happy to teach what i’ve already learned but also very happy to learn as there are loads of things I want to try.


Wonderful seeing it come together!

Oh that bag came out really nice!

Hi Nancy, Such a cute bag! I have a few bits of cotton fabric from leftover fabrics I’d be happy to share with you - I would be interested in learning your techniques too!

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That is really good and such a useful way to use up scraps

Hi, I’m happy to chat about this any time or if you down for a textile night I can suggest it as a project for one of those but I’m pretty flexible for evenings if the space is open.

@textilestechs do we have a project for next week or just doing intro to stuff and organising further our amazing new space?

I would love to get a bit of left over fabric exchange going in new space.


Hi Nancy - we do not have a project for next week - I think you may have just volunteered :rofl:

Is that OK? It would be an amazing session - bit if you want a little time for preparation we can do for May instead.

Yes, the space needs a but of organising - but I think the best way to do that will be to use the space all together and see what needs to change from the current set up.

What do you think? - I don’t want to pressure you!

We have some scraps at the space but I think an exchange is a great idea - and we now have the space to do it. I have a big basket here at home that I can bring on Tuesday.

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I’m happy to volunteer to show how to do the crumbing on Tuesday, it will very much be a case of “do one teach one” but I think it’s easy enough for people to get the hang of in the session …famous last words.

I don’t think we’d have time to also make little bag but I can share the you tube video I used to turn my created fabric into bag…or people can use your assembled fabric for other things.

There is loads of old mask making fabric in the space we could also use for this… anything over about 3cm square is usable, I like it all crazy colours together…I am a child of the 80s but people can also do more matching stuff. So the more options the better.

Let me know if I need to do anything before hand or if you have questions etc.

Nancy :slight_smile:

Fantastic - that will be wonderful. I’ll update the meeting details so people know what is happening - will it be OK to re-use the photos of your fabric/bag in the post and on our social media post about the night?

Sure, happy for my pile of scrap to be famous!