Office clear out - monitor and desktop pc available

(Jack Silby) #1

Hey Everyone

My work has a bit of an office renovation - I have at least 1 monitor and 1 desktop pc (specs to be leant later - think whatever an office might buy 5 years ago) for cannibalisation or other use.

(Martin John Finch) #2

If it is a VGA monitor, we need one for the upcoming CCTV system at the Space.

(Paul Court) #3

I think the Workstaion that does the tags (by the kitchen) needs a new screen too if you have a spare


(Dermot Jones) #4

I think that’s already covered

(Jack Silby) #5

Sorry this took so long - there was some hoops to jump through.

So yeah we have one I think "15 vga screen + cable and what looks like at first glance an Dell OptiPlex - maybe 790 tower - basic 250GB HDD and intel and windows and stuff going free.

If anyone has any use for this let me know - I can bring it down to the space today after work.

(Martin John Finch) #6

Yes, we need the VGA monitor and cable for CCTV display, but not the other stuff. The monitor can go on “my” shelf in the snug next to the box labelled CCTV.

(Jack Silby) #7

and mote it be.

(Martin John Finch) #8

Sorry, don’t understand.

(Jack Silby) #9

I’m just funning it up on a Friday -

I will bring it after work.

(Martin John Finch) #10

Ahhh… I learn some new neopaganism every day…:thinking:

(Dermot Jones) #11

Just need to confirm that we actually need a monitor for this? CCTV is likely to be very rarely accessed…can we not just plug a screen in when needed? Seems hard to justify room for a screen

(Martin John Finch) #12

I suppose not really. I planned to mount it on the wall somewhere near the door. Partly as “deterrent value” so passersby see it and think if they try to break in later they will be on candid camera. People can wander in and case the joint, especially in summer when the door is blocked open. I did not mean to take desk space for it.

Speaking of which, we need a video (not IP) camera. Do you know anything about these? External, waterproof seem cheap on eBay but I know nothing about them.


(Jack Silby) #13

Alrighty - I’ll hold off for now unless anyone else puts up their hand.

(electrotech) #14

You don’t want to show thieves camera coverage. Makes it even easier to avoid, And to be fair I doubt they care anyway. Cost cutter has pretty damn good cctv and screens visible and I’ve seen the staff chase shoplifters up the street. So brazen.

(Jonty Bottomley) #15

I may be interested in the pc after the carousel was dumped on my laptop during the spring clean…! Currently trying to work with a 2002 windows xp so it’s sure to be a step up…!

(Jack Silby) #16

If you can get to the space tonight it is yours! Would you also be interested in the screen?

(Jonty Bottomley) #17


(Jack Silby) #18

Catch u laters!

(Jack Silby) #19

Hey - I’m here! If I don’t see you I’m going to store this thing if I dont see you - you can keep the ikea bag!