Now open to all laser users - Course: Introduction to Ruby - 13 March 2023, 7pm to 9pm

We (@Brendon_Hatcher and @Martyn_Thomas) have been informally helping JobControl users to move across to Ruby (the new laser control software for our laser). Now we are going to start running courses to help even more people with the transition.

This course is only for you if:

  • You are a paid up member
  • You have already been inducted on the Laser, but using JobControl

This is NOT a laser induction.
It is also not for those who were inducted on the laser using Ruby.
Now available to Ruby-inducted members as well, in case you want a refresher and a bit more in-depth knowledge.

Laptops will be provided, or you can bring your own.
You can bring some of your previous job files on USB.

We have 9 places available.
You may make a donation of £5 if you wish.

Your discourse username here:

  1. @David_C
  2. @futureshape
  3. @TonyP
  4. @iNerdier
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I’m opening this up to all laser inducted members.

For a second I thoungh you started a programming course.

If you haven’t used the laser in a while, this is also an opportunity to get a refresher!

Just a nudge to sign up!

Look forward to seeing everyone later to show you the greener pastures of Ruby :slight_smile:

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Damn it, I’m slacking in paying attention to discourse but I really need this. I’m up for it if you do another.

We’ll arrange another one soon.
Alternatively - poke me next time you’re planning on heading to the Space and I’ll happily do a 1:1, it doesn’t take long - Ruby is very simple.

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It was good meeting you yesterday, Martyn. Thank you for your patience in walking me through the bits I’d forgotten (principally the software side of the procedure).

(Hope you are feeling better soon, Brendon.)

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Just wanted to add a big thanks to @Martyn_Thomas for running the session, too!
Lovely meeting some new faces and seeing a couple of familiar folk as well. Note to self: visit the space more often and Do Things.

You can just visit and hang out with a cuppa - someone’ll push a tool into your hand to help them.

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Don’t go saying sensible things like that :joy:
You underestimate the magnetic power of the sofa, once a day of “work related stuff” is over :pensive:
(Ok, ok, it’s pure sloth, I admit it)
I would actually love to get advice from people on how to do projecty things, where I have ideas but not the knowhow to execute…

Welcome to my world lol

Hi David. Have a look at the MakerBuddies concept and ask for a buddy for a project.

I’ve had the booster, please email me the login


Hi Zack

I’ll set up your account next time I’m in the space.
Please send me your email address via Private Message.
It should be the email address that you registered when you signed up for membership.