Now open: the Bike Area (final touches pending)

You’ve seen the new furniture through the windows. You’ve admired the new tools and wondered where they’ve come from. You’ve heard the rumours in the halls, the chatter in the clean room, the hopeful voices of a Makerspace yearning to wheel free…

Coming imminently to a South London Makerspace near you, a bespoke, fit-for-purpose Bike Area.

Watch this space for updates, tool pages, top tips, Bike Nights and more.

@directors would you please create a bikearea label, and a tech group?


In due course, the Bike Tech Team will post up the guidelines and rules for using the area and for keeping bikes in the Space. Safety, security, and happy coexistence with the rest of the community are our paramount concerns, and maintaining a well-organised, well-tooled and wel-coming Area for all of our members is our goal. Our efforts will only go so far, however: the Bike Area, like all other areas in the Space, will need the community’s continued engagement and support, and everyone’s understanding that some policies may be inconvenient for the individual but will ensure we all have a Bike Area we can admire and enjoy.


Thanks @hernehillier! It is looking really good!

@BikeTechs has been created!


Bike owners currently storing their bikes in screen printing, please be aware that we will shortly be publishing the bike area storage rules. We haven’t spoken with @silkscreentechs but you should not assume that area will remain open for bikes. Please make plans to move and secure your property asap. (Full disclosure: I left two bikes today 08 July to work on and remove by 09 July. If my work isn’t finished I’ll lock them outside).

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Are there any updates on the bike area @hernehillier ?

I’d like to change a headset and crown race as well as attempt my first bearing swap on a rear hub. I have all the headset tools myself but a solid workbench and work stand would make the job easier.

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Thanks for the prompt, will update the title.

We have a functional bike area now. Ergonomic allen and torx keys, ratchet wrenches, cone and headset spanners, adjustable spanners, a press or two, etc. Come on down!

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Public notice: the Bike Area is open for use, no induction needed. Area rules to be published soon, and we’ll have a small shop for discounted ancillaries and accessories soon. Meanwhile please come by and give your bike some TLC!

Important info:

  1. No aerosols or noxious sprays in the clean room. No exceptions. Please take your project outside or to a dirty room with ventilation if you need to use aerosols or sprays that pose inhalation hazards.

  2. Please take care of the tools and return them when finished. It took time and effort to find and/or build good and affordable things. They will be kept on pegboards when the boards are finished, and are currently stored in boxes on the workbench; this doesn’t mean they can be thrown and tossed about, or used for other than their designed applications (e.g…, screwdrivers are not chisels, wrenches are not hammers).

I have no compunctions about speaking to users who abuse the tools, but I’m a busy new dad so please help me avoid having to do that. :slight_smile:

Any questions or suggestions please reach out to me, @Louis_Parker, @charlesmein, or @EdwardE.