Next Sunday 8th August 2021 🔥

Hello @members,

When we have a proper ventilation in place and working we can open up for many more people in the space simultaneously.

For that there is a substantial work needed to be done.

We need :

  • build 2 more air purifiers
  • fix the one that got broken :broken_heart:
  • clean woodworkshop extraction

Next Sunday 8/8 , members need members to come to the Outer Space starting midday 12o’clock and build until about 5pm. @dermot will be there to lead the build.

@woodtechs would be great to have around for assisting with the woodworkshop extraction, is there anything that should be bought before Sunday for that, @lewis ?

Hoping to see you there!


This is tomorrow :zap:


I am looking forward seeing everyone tomorrow. We plenty of different jobs from gardening, building to organising and other fun stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


It was good!


Thank you for everyone who came and helped out yesterday! We got a good amount of stuff done!

@petra, @Dermot and Steve repaired the air purifier that was broken.

  • @lewisss, @Giles, @fincheee, @LisaP and @smjmaker did a great job cleaning and replacing the dust extraction in the wood workshop. Not only that but all the steps were documented and put together so we will have a guide how to do it next time.

  • Ryan and @Christian and his family did a great job making the outside of the Space and the Outer Space more presentable.

  • @Howard started to work on the front windows of Arch1


Manual coming soon! With step by step photos/videos for cleaning extractor fan units in woodwork shop.


Great work everyone! Much appreciated!

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