Newbie cutting board

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This Wednesday I finished my first full woodworking project, and seems to be one of the most common: a cutting board!

We have at home a terrible plastic embarrassment of a cutting board and longed for a proper one. I decided to make one at the SLMS! …about a year ago…

I’ve finally gotten out of my arse and couldn’t be happier.

I used the table saw to cut the strips, glued them up and then cut them again. Unfortunately I did a newbie mistake and didn’t check the fence was straight on the table saw, so they were not exactly… parallel. After gluing them anyway hoping to make them uniform later, I saw another newbie mistake.

I am not sure how but seems I either had one strip that had a bulge or didn’t put enough pressure on the sides, but essentially two of the strips cracked and were protruding out (bottom two on the above picture).

Luckily, my third newbie mistake was to forget to glue one of the strips! I cut off the two bulging ones and glued the extra strip. The board is overall 2 strips shorter than I wanted it to be, but oh well.

@father Was an amazing dude and helped me make the board flat on both sides with the big CNC. We milled both sides, then I sanded it all using an orbital sander. I also used the belt sander to round off the corners and smooth the sharp edges. Finally hand sanded it all with 240 grit for a smooth finish.

Cristian even suggested what seems to be a good varnish for the wood, walnut oil. I am definitely considering it in the future but… I was too excited and got myself a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil and lubed up the board with it!

In the end, it turned out great! Too great… My partner doesn’t want to use it because it looks too nice :joy:


For the curious, here is the bit where I replaced one strip. Somehow I like it’s a detail you have to know about to see it.


Wow, looks amazing Pedro! Be good for a game of chess too🎉

I’ve used tung oil on chopping boards to good effect. Takes ages to dry properly though.


:smiley: it was fun levelling it.

It’s nice to have a project completed :smiley: i hope i finish mine this year :))


Looks good mate

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Very nice.

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:+1: excellent

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