New soldering rework station for the space

I scored this beauty on it’s way to the WEEE bin today, it’s partially working but the design inside it’s so simple that I immagine it will be fairly easy to repair it.

It’s soldering, desoldering and hot air.

comes with tons of accessory (there is a very nice smd hot gun and hot tweezers as well)

I will take it in asap.



What a beast! Looks good. yeah should be fairly simple to fix I guess.

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it’s heavy, I will need a trolley to take it downstairs :smiley:

Looks nice! Let’s fix it!

Very nice! Thanks

I’m in central London on Friday with a trolley and a van if this is helpful…

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One of my colleague have the shoulder the size of a small van, he carried it to the car with one hand :sweat_smile:

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Wow, that thing is amazing, nice find!

This is at the space now, needs some proper testing.