New prusa XL!

I sooo want one!

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it’s very expensive,but I feel like we could replace both our printers with this one?

@directors ?

there is a £200 refoundable preordr and shipping Q2 next year, price goes from £1790 up to 3k with 5 extruders.

The best selling point of this it’s the full set of automatization, every member can just get in and print, in different colours and materials, it’s easy to service and no need of calibration or difficut detalis to keep in mind ( like the glass bed on the ultimaker or the weird extruder for the dreamer), I think this could totally enable a lot of users that have been shying away from the printers at the space.

Looks very nice - now if one of those extruders was a pick and place / soldering attachment… :slight_smile:

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Well, maybe they would like to sponsor a MakerSpace? :wink:

It’s very cool…but the complexity is a concern? And the price is a little ‘ouch’ as we could get 10 printers for that outlay

I see it’s slated for mid to late 2022

The Ultimaker it’s a pain to service as well, this looks better.

It’s true that we could get 10 cheap printer but we only need one good one, a mainstream one that users can learn how to use easily, they can use their own spools (and not the stupid 3mm ones like the ultimaker)

Prusa it’s becoming the standard for printers how the ultimaker was, I would wait for the reviews but I have an excellent feeling about this.

Price it’s good but we might be able to sell both printers and get most of the price back from it,

more on the blog btw:

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For the technology improvements, the price is good however I’m not sure this as a sole machine in the MakerSpace is the best idea. I would think 3 mk3s+ machines would be a better addition for the same price. Often it’s not the big volume you need but instead multiple machines to improve the production of multiple parts. I also think the XL will have some teething problems which will only improve with time…
I do however love the XL design and features and may press go myself soon… :upside_down_face:


Ender 3 all the way! :grinning:

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you seem to have tunnel vision mate, why on earth are you suggesting the space get one? lol

I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:

You say “ I think this could totally enable a lot of users that have been shying away from the printers at the space.”

The printers at the space ‘print’!

I think you will find it is the entry requirements that is making members shy away from the printers.
Like, needing to use a 3d modelling program, understanding what they do, (along with their limitations) and having the need.

If there was a constant stream of users and a wait list for printers I could understand a need for getting another, but until that happens i canot see the point,


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Same here, I haven’t seen anyone print anything in months… doesn’t mean they haven’t but there certainly is no waiting happening…

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I think if someone would offer some CAD classes that would be brilliant! It’s so helpful to have and we have the 3-printer, laser cutter and CNC which all need some level of understanding of CAD to be able to have a file.


Agreed! Good idea! :+1:

Are there CAD experts at the space?

I have some experience with AutoCAD, FreeCAD and KiCAD and recently fiddled with Fusion 360 but wouldn’t call myself an expert. Happy to share what little I know however.

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I want to second having enough just enough Fusion360 CAD/CAM knowledge to get by but willing to share!

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I’d be interested in joining a FreeCAD workshop… went through a bunch of tutorials earlier in the year and got past some of the pain points… don’t feel like investing any more time in Fusion 360 as the license is so unpredictable

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I completely understand your point.

For a bit of context for others, as I understand it, Fusion 360 has undergone a few license changes and even tries to hide the hobbyist license on their site. It is not libre software and Autodesk continues to experiment with restrictions on the free product. At the moment, >10 active documents, >3 axis tool paths, rapids faster than feedrate, and some file formats are all locked away.

On the other side of the equation, Fusion 360 is incredibly feature rich. Autodesk is pouring a lot of resources into continually improving it as well. There’s also so much content available when you search for “how do I do x in Fusion 360”. If the job shop YouTube channels are to be believed, it has become the absolute standard for smallish shops for CAM.

I believe in Free Software. Despite having access to Illustrator, I start every project in Inkscape. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of writing Inkscape extensions to get stuff done. On Saturday, I was checking out a bunch of libre CAM options but didn’t find one to settle on.

Anyone else going down a similar journey?


I haven’t explored specifically for CAM but my experience with FreeCAD is that it was quite painful, whereas with Fusion360 everything was a breeze.


It’s the unfortunate dichotomy of free/open versus paid/closed: often I see more effort put in to make the UI very funcional and attractive when money is involved.