(NEW!) Homebrew club session 1: how to make beer

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This week as been ungodly hot. Cold beer sure helped with that. Next week the weather is likely to keep us indoor and beer will help pass the time. Come winter, a nice stout or barleywine will help tide the winter through.

Even better if you’ve made all the above mentioned beverages all by yourself! How you might ask? Well, don’t ask here! Ask next us at the first inaugural Homebrew Club session.

Disclaimer: the Homebrew Club does not discriminate on what you wish to ferment, be that beer, cider, mead, wine, all fermentationists are welcome!

I’ve been homebrewing since the start of lockdown in 2020 due to a homebrew kit my partner gave me, and haven’t stopped since. In fact, making things to help out with that hobby is part of why I got interested in the makerspace in the first place.

Turns out there’s quite a few of us around here (@realgarethevans, @tmilner, @asander1 at least) and others who are interested (@Kyle ?). I thought it would be good to create an open evening where we can chat about homebrewing. To help mobilize things, the first session will be around teaching any fermentation-curious people how we actually get to make (good) beer at home, ideally with as little gear as possible!

So come, one and all, to the first Homebrew Club this Friday, September 15th!


Ill be on holiday but I look forward to attending the next one :smiley:

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PS: Time can be discussed ahead of time as we’re trying to find out when it would work best for anyone interested, so let us know here if you are curious but can’t make it Friday.

Cool. I’ll be there

Sadly can’t be there this time as I’ll be overseas but I am very down for this, having previously homebrewed on and off as well as being a card-carrying Craft Beer Wanker :grin:


haha, I presume there will be some craft beer wankery included too

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What time ?

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It just so happens I just started the ferment on my first attempt today. now I have to play the waiting game. I know we have London beer lab in Brixton near the space. If this was to take off I know they offer group brewing sessions which could be great fun if we people wanted to chip and do an SLMS brew.

Longshot but maybe it could be the drink of choice at a SLMS BBQ or party? It does seem a shame that we don’t all get together for a big social more often.


No experience, VERY interested!

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I did a brew at beer lab (not a group one tho) and it was great fun. Would definitely be up for something like that!

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I used to homebrew (using kits) from 2016-2021.

Would have 3 barrels on the go at any one time.

Gave up drinking during lockdown as it was starting to get out if hand, and then gave all my equipment away.

Still amazed at the whole fermentation process.

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How about 18:30?

Feel free to come a long, we can even chat non-alcoholic brewing.

Interested, but I have no skills or experience to bring other than drinking…

That’s all the skill required! We can for sure walk you through the ropes if you then want to move forward with giving it a go

Sounds good! Great idea!

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I’ll be there

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I would love to join!

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Thanks so much for organising Pedro and for bringing along the delicious brew samples. Excited to get a Makerspace homebrew going!


Yea thanks Pedro super keen to get going.

I spotted a top door chest freezer on the gumtree for £50 could be an option. Lots of front door opening fridges too.

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