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Hi All,

Following fun evening on Tuesday of looking at crumb quilting, I would like to invite anyone interested (member and guests) to join me on Thursday evening in the new textile space (problably ongoing until we loose interest) to come down and share my new (still very much learning) enthusiam for quilting and projects to use up spare fabric.

I am keen to champion more material exchange in the new space, so anyone practicing doesn’t have to spend on material (not to mention that keep making more cloth is not great for the planet…a insane number of clothes purchased are NEVER warn). So quilting is a great opportunity to use up material scraps, up-cycle old clother etc.

As well as crumb quilting bags, other things I have made and am happy to help show technique for…

Tote Bag…

Sewing Machine - Cover/Mat…

Table Mats…
WIP (No Picture)

There is enough material in the space currently for you to come down and give this a try without any investment. We would probably need to purchase some wadding (the middle bit) for new projects but I have a limited amont to get us started but the first few steps don’t require this (and the crumb quilting doesn’t at all) so you can judge your enthusiam before needing anything.

As you can tell by the pictures I am still very much working on squares, I tried triangles and it was okay, there are other fun patterns…log cabin etc. really depends what you like. If anyone want to share their mad skills like hexagons, I am happy for the learning to go in all directions.

Let me know if anyone fancies this, otherwise i’ll be quite happy chilling out with my fabric squares in our new space :slight_smile:

Any questions don’t hesitate to give a shout.

Happy Making, Makers and maybe see you space soon.



Hi Nancy, is this meet-up in the past or is it for next Thursday?

Next week Thursday the 13th and then if people are keen more Thursdays in future.

Basically making use of space being open for electronics night and people can choose between.


Sorry @Nancy - I can’t make Thursday 13th but will come in the future.

I love quilting! When I’m back and have time I’m happy to meet and queelt.


Hi Nancy, thx for your reply will try to make it this Thursday

I hope to come and join you tomorrow! Will be the first time I’ve tried quilting

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Awesome, look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

Happy days, hope to see your there :slight_smile: