Musical night 1pm - late(ish) Sunday

Monthly members gathering for easy jam and show off of custom made musical instruments. Comment to let us know to be excited that you’re coming or just show up to jam…


And everyone else interested in music.


YES I’m in!

@deadlight, I’d love to see the bird instrument

I won’t be around unfortunately

There will be more…

I am free, but my attendance will depend on how much energy I have, as I’ll be performing in a week’s run of a musical the following week, with the get in on Sunday.


I’m away sadly. Sorry to miss it

It’s a monthly event, see you next time.

I’m in! Anyone got song suggestions for jams in advance? Or we could keep it strictly improv on the day.

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Can’t make it this time, just back from travels, have fun!


I’ll be there a little after 1pm (I have a sick chicken who needs attention!) But I’ll be there!

We’ve just arrived and setting up. It will be Avery easy very intimate jam.

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I am running a bit late but I’ll join you in a bit

Next time pondering bringing acoustic drums. Electronic kit in today…

Next date will be 18th June, Sunday 1ish til evening.


I’ve put it in my calendar! I couldn’t make it the weekend just gone as I was at an event, but I’m looking forward to next time. I’m not sure what I’ll bring yet.

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Hey! Is this happening this month? Or July?

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July 16th, June session was last week

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