Music box wedding gift

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Hi there,

My name is Owain. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am hoping to create a unique wedding gift for my brother and his wife. Essentially, it will be a music box made from his wedding ring box playing the music of their first dance.

I have already had a music box mechanism specially made. However, I need someone skilled in woodwork to adapt the box so that this will fit inside. This will involve cutting holes in the bottom of the box, widening it slightly, and adding a layer to the bottom to raise it from the ground. Then, they will also need to attach the mechanism inside for me using screws I can provide.

I can provide more details plus pictures of the box and mechanism if needed. I understand that this is a voluntary community, but I am happy to pay a fee if required. Hopefully someone can help me as I am having trouble finding anyone who can. I live in South London so can bring the box and mechanism wherever.



Add some photos, I can probably sort you out :slight_smile:

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Hey Jonty,

Thanks so much. Here are some images of the box and mechanism.

I removed the cushion from the bottom of the box which is why it’s a bit messy currently. I’m hoping this can be cleaned up a bit. The mechanism is a few mm too wide to fit in the box currently. Also, as you can see there is a winder on the bottom of the mechanism, the bottom of the box needs to be raised from the ground somehow so this can move freely.

I was also hoping that we could add a system to stop the mechanism from playing while the lid is closed. There are a few examples of this on the site I bought the mechanism from:

Let me know if you need any other info. If it’s easier we can discuss on WhatsApp or message. My number is 07713088117

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oh wow… you actually had a brass cylinder built! That’s amazing!!! I have a music box but it only takes little cardboard strips… I’ll be following this project closely!

Do you have the website that you used handy?