Motion tracking objects

(Louis) #1

Hi all, I’m looking into motion tracking objects to drive a generation of a view in a 3D modelling software. Think of draging a mini camera over a drawing and a computer screen shows you the model from the correct location. Does anyone have any experience in such wizardry?

(Tom Hedges) #2

Not my area, but I think I’ve seen similar things done with Microsoft/Xbox Kinect…
Sounds like a cool project!

(Tom Newsom) #3

What sort of accuracy/tracking volume are you after?

(Louis) #4

You are from the AEC sector. Think enscape driving a building model on a screen. The direction of the camera is controlled by a small matchbox sized 3D printed camera that is dragged around a A0 printed drawing of a floor plate. The budget can be relatively high, depending on requirements…

(Tom Newsom) #5

So this could be done with the SteamVR motion tracking hardware. You can buy the laser scanning boxes separately, and there’s a standalone tracking “puck” coming soon. Submillimetre accuracy, and you would only need one base station if you’re tracking on a plane. Or you can roll your own sensors. Lots of information here:

(Alan Cruickshank) #6

If you fancy going more techie - then you might want to check out OpenCV too.

(Daniel Sikar) #7

I worked with Kinect to track motion and make data available to Arduino. I used this C# library in case you are interested.

(Louis) #8

Thanks for all the replies. I have looked into the htc tracking gear but am not really clued up on the software/ hardware bit if trying to do it myself.
If anyone is happy to take it on as a proper commission we can talk further about it… ?
Or a collaboration if others are interested…
I think it’s not that complex but I may be clueless… :upside_down_face:

(James Evans) #9

I do have a vive with the lighthouses etc that i would be happy to demo if interested

(Daniel Sikar) #10

I can take it on as a commission from mid-October if you are interested - Kinects are pretty cheap btw.

(Louis) #11

Thanks James, I have the vive already.

(Louis) #12

Ok Daniel, let’s talk further about it.
When works for you?

(Daniel Sikar) #13

Whatsapp most lunchtimes and evenings, face to face evenings week starting Monday 25th?

(Louis) #14

This is kinda like what I want to do but without the screen in the table…

(Daniel Sikar) #15

Doable - “mini camera” with gyro and bluetooth relaying orientation, Kinect relaying position, both sets of data being fed to Unity scene. That’s how I would do it.

(Toby Harris) #16

This is probably turn-key for what you want?

There’s also a toy that I can’t drag out of my memory that has a base station and box, and was the favourite cheap hack a few years back for 6dof motion tracking of a single object. I’ll post if the epiphany comes.

(Rich Maynard) #17

Please do! Sounds intriguing.

(conomara) #18

If I understood correctly, you dont need to track in 3D, since you are moving an object around a piece of flat paper?

I know you said you only want to use a piece of paper and not hardware, but a wacom (or a cheaper alternative) with the paper laid on top would get you pretty far very quickly, how big do you envisage the paper to be?

(Louis) #19

Between A0 and A3 possibly

(conomara) #20

ok, screw that approach then, too big.
but how about tracking an rfid tag, or