More Tool Control

The tool control Elves were busy again this weekend.

The metal area got a reader for the metal lathe in preparation for the soon to be available inductions, as did the Mini CNC.

Woodshop master power is working under control now and you will need a Tech present to use any of the bigger tools which are now (for the time being) on the key over ride.

Preparation for the control of the Laser is under way.
This will soon be managed from the reader that is already mounted on the wall next to the PC. Please try your tag if you are passing to make sure you have permissions (if you have passed an induction), let us know if you believe there is an error.

Work continues in the background and I’ll do some more updates as things progress.

Courty and @systems


Thanks for the work on this @Courty ! I have a question that may come up in other areas as well…

If a tool control reader is powered cycled (with the machine it controls for instance) what happens to an active users session?


If the power is cycled the session ends - this is a safety issue to make sure everything is safe when power returns


Cool, that is just what I need for the Mini CNC…

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what’s the status of that CNC btw?

Ready to go! Writing the induction this week, hope to start inducting in a week or 2…



Hi systems team, my fob isn’t working on the Laser Cutter Tool Control - could it be enabled please?
It works OK with Robin’s - just tested.


No problem, when we’re you inducted ?


A few years ago? Can’t remember the date exactly :grinning:
Isn’t there a list somewhere? I get notifications related to the laser cutter, so I must be on it. :slight_smile:

Hi I sent email to @system also about an hour ago

Hi Mike,
I’ve reset your permissions, try again when you get a sec


Hi Chanelle, @StudioNelle

Just double checked and not seen anything?! Send me a message direct and I’ll have a look.


Working for me now, thanks!

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Heya @Courty

Got this message on the Mini CNC…

Can you take a look see? Thanks!!

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Updated !


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Thanks! Will try again!