More chopping boards

Just a few pictures of the process of making some chopping boards.

The first ones I was adamant I wanted end grain and a particular pattern. I went totally wrong and could not have both! ……. The pattern won.

The second one was end grain .

all the wood cut to size. Maple, cherry, iroko,
![image|375x500] (upload://hlMgxngTKC6Yjsac0EfdtQ3dYx3.jpeg)
Timber arranged in order
glue up
planing flat both sides
cutting at an angle to make the pattern
this is the way I could have glued it if I wanted end grain!!
but I was tied to this pattern!
first coat of tung oil (5 coats with 24hours between)
final finished boards!

After a lot of abuse from @destom and @joeatkin2 bout the fact that my end grain chopping boards were not actually end grain, mk 2 boards were made …

walnut maple and cherry end grain.

in place and in use


I promise not to give you anymore grief about the end grain chopping board, why would I, now have seen your choice of tiles in the kitchen


If I had chosen them I could understand that comment, …… didn’t you offer me some very similar?

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You’re not wrong I’ve got boxes of them you can have them if you want now I know you bought a house with them