Mobile App (Drinking Game) - React Native

I can’t remember if there is a “coding” community at SLMS.

Anyway, while the SLMS was shut I learn how to make a mobile app. I’ll be back soon to make something out of wood I am sure!

Being a drinking game the mobile app is quite simple idea and seemed like an ideal first project.

However it turned out to be anything but easy!

I made the app in React-Native. I chose this for the ability to use one code source to make apps in both Ios and Android

Enabling in app purchases turned out to be one of the hardest aspects of the project. The first library (Expo in app purchases) I tried doesn’t work so spent a fair bit on time spinning my wheels there.

To validate purchases on Android it has to been done server side. To do this I had to set up a bunch of stuff in the google cloud, work out how to request purchase information from the google api from a Flask app (that i hosted on firebase) and then send the response back to the mobile app.

The whole in app purchase process wasn’t well documented so nearly took as much time as making the rest of the app in its self!

The app is now on the google store (I should probably pre-warn that it is a drinking app and isn’t really aimed at those aiming to have a sophisticated night in .i.e. could contain potentially offensive content to some people):

I will start working on an iphone version but Apple make it quite difficult as it requires Xcode which is only available on MacOs

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Interesting - I have been working on a Vue application for quite a while and have been looking at making a mobile app out of it using Ionic Vue. It seems pretty nice and easy to get up and running though I haven’t gone beyond having the app shell appear on my phone. Seems like a good way to make something cross-platform.

Hi, I’d be interested in joining/starting a ‘coding’ community, there is the electronics group but not just focusing on coding as such… I built and released an app some years ago using PhoneGap which is old tech now ( which is a sort of scrabble/poker/cards game, I’m currently rebuilding as a Progressive Web App (PWA), a coding group within SLMS would be interesting, good idea


I can’t help but I like the idea of a coding section