Missing usb and mobile phone


I have lost an iPhone 5 stitched into a brown leather case, along with a caseless USB stick. It’s likely I dropped the USB stick when rushing to get the last train somewhere near the main table and main door.

I thought I had left the mobile charging either in the messy room or textile area but can’t find it. If you have come across either I would be super grateful if you could drop me a message.

Many thanks


I’ve found your USB stick, it was on the table near the spray paint cans. Unfortunately I haven’t seen your phone, the USB stick is now on the shelf above the 3D printer on the right.

OMG you have literally saved my life!! Thanks so much will pop by today to pick it up.

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The usb you found, was it careless like the one we soldered. I can’t see it by the 3d printer, only a standard usb with a purple case?

Take it back I see it!

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