Minor engineering challenges

Any advice or assistance gratefully received.

I need a better way to secure the battery in place in the location I’ve chosen.

Also, I need a sturdy metal(?) shelf to support a powertool plastic storage box/carry case. I’ll use bungees to secure. It probably doesn’t need to be so long as the drawing (in red).

With respect to the former, I think the requirements will involve:
The battery inverted the other way around so water does not get in where the contacts are (unless IP66 enclosure standards apply).
The weight of the battery is significant ( about 2kg?)
The solution needs to deal with bounce (rough road) and bicycle being folded?
Possibility of electrical shorting is obviated.
Is ventilation required re heat generated by battery?

Though a couple of questions need to be answered I’m thinking a sheet metal caddy lined with plastic, and sufficiently strong brackets (Jubilee clips) for attachment to the bike frame and steel rods welded to the caddy. The caddy could have a printed insert to take the battery contactors.

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Thanks for the prompt, comprehensive response and useful suggestions.

Strangely water ingress hasn’t been a problem and I’ve cycled through some fairly heavy storms.

I’m just guessing but perhaps the contacts are sufficiently far apart or the current just vaporises it before it becomes an issue. There’s only been some slight corrosion on the xt60 connectors which are fairly tight anyway.

Heat hasn’t been a problem without an enclosure. Perhaps the motor doesn’t draw enough for that?

My previous arrangement worked very well with the battery sitting on the pannier rack and a tight bungee holding it in place. Quick release/change and secure.

The new position is currently slower change but removes the need for a pannier rack.

I’m now thinking of a beefed up slide-on connector (with drainage holes) jubilee clipped to the seat post and a bungee for extra security might do the job?

Obviously not retail-ready but functional.

Actually, a tight box section around the battery (with drainage) semi-permanently clamped/attached to the seat post including the connector rigidly held in place?

A metal frame could be sufficient, with a wide ‘finger’ which holds it firmly …
I’ve had experience of bungees deteriorating when put to severe outdoor use so tend not to use them for anything more than very short term temporary uses.

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Another bodge from me! I’ll probably jubilee clip it to the seatpost