Metalwork / welding projects help needed

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I have two project in mind that require some welding. I had some (little) exposure to stick welding in the past. I’m wondering if there is someone I can get some advise from in the materials choice as well as welding itself.

If you are such person - can you let me know when you are thinking off popping in to the Space. I’d like to chat.


I’ll be around this evening from 5pm ish

The machine we have pretty much only does mild steel. As for inductions, @Calum_Nicoll and @Jonty_Bottomley above do them, I could probably, but not sure what it takes to be signed off.


I’ll probably drop by the Space after work (today). Maybe I’ll be lucky and find one of you. I know @Jonty_Bottomley is a frequent visitor.

At the moment @Calum_Nicoll is the only member who can sign off on welding inductions

@AussieFred we can start getting you and a few others on board to run welding inductions


So we need both somone there who can do the weld for you. And a key holder as the fob access is broken.
I’ll be down Sunday. Trying to get a time aligned with a key holder now. Will let you know