Membership System v2.3.0 - Now live

The new membership system upgrade is complete, although members don’t use it that often here is a summary of the major improvements:

  • Lot’s of bugs squashed
  • Security changes
  • Member’s cannot changed their email address any more
  • Member’s cannot change or view their tag any more
  • Improvements to GUI
  • Revoke your tag if you lose it
  • Unlink your discourse account
  • View how many days until your membership expires
  • Count number of days you’ve visited month-to-date
  • Email alerts
  • New members payment goes through
  • When you change your password
  • Enable/disable 2FA
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Member list
  • Paginated
  • Searchable
  • Events log
  • Filterable

Thanks @unknowndomain

Oh also a buch of instruction guides: