Membership System Guide: Setup your Direct Debit - needs 2021 update!

You need to setup a Direct Debit using our payment provider GoCardless in order for your membership to become active.

To setup your subscription please login, then navigate to the Direct Debit option or click here.

Step 1

First we need to setup a Direct Debit mandate, this gives us permission to charge your bank account, just click Setup Mandate.

Now complete the form on our payment provider GoCardless’s website.

Step 2

Now you’re mandate is setup you can setup a subscription, here you can specify how much you want to pay, we ask members to pay what they think it’s worth. The current minimum is £20, however we are open to reducing this for members who are less able to pay due to their personal circumstances, please email the directors.

You can also set which day of the month the payment will be collected, by default the 1st of the month is selected, you can choose dates up to the 28th, or select last day of the month.

Notice: Due to the processing times involved with setting up a Direct Debit, if the selected payment date is less than 5-7 days away it is likely to be deferred until next month. In this situation if you want to join sooner you can arrange a manual pro-rated payment by emailing the directors.

Step 3

Once your subscription is created you will get an email from our payment provider GoCardless.