Membership System Guide: Setup Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

(Tom Lynch) #1

Setting up two factor authentication is optional for all accounts, however it is strongly recommended for those with administrative privileges as this increases the security on your account.

To setup two-factor authentication please login, then navigate to the Two-Factor Authentication option or click here.

Step 1

Start by pressing ‘Setup Two Factor Authentication’.

Step 2

Follow the on screen process…

  1. Using your chosen code generating app or service to scan the QR code or copy the 2FA secret into your app.

  2. Enter the current code in your app or service and click Activate to finish.

You will receive an email notification when ever 2FA is enabled or disabled against your account by you or an administrator.

New login step

Once you have 2FA enabled on your account you will have to complete a second step in future where you enter the generated code before you can gain access to your account.

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