Membership System Guide: Link to Discourse - outdated, awaiting update

Linking your Membership System account with your Discourse account will grant you access to various hidden/private forums and extra privileges, this is especially important for @role members as it will place you into a group so that members can contact you.

To link your accounts please login, then navigate to the Discourse option or click here.

Step 1

The system will automatically search your email address to try and find your Discourse profile, however if this isn’t found you can search your username or email address.

Select link under your profile.

Step 2

For security we need to confirm this link by logging into Discourse and activating by clicking the link in your private message box, or copying the activation code into the form, you may also receive this code as an email if you have this setup on your Discourse profile.

Discourse private message:

Membership System Form:

Step 3

After clicking the link or copying the code into the form, press ‘Activate’, and you’ll see a page showing your Discourse profile is connected. The membership system will update your Discourse groups to put you into the member group and others depending on your permissions every 15 minutes.