Membership System Guide: Granting administrative privileges to a member

(Tom Lynch) #1

This guide will show you how to grant access to a member to administer a permission.

To grant admin over a permission to a member please login, please first follow the tutorial to grant the administrator permission here.

It the member already has the administrator permission then navigate to the Members page or click here.

Step 1

Use the search form on the left side to find the user you wish to grant the permission to, and click search:

Step 2

Click the tag icon next to the user.

Step 3

Select the permission you are granting to them from the list in the form on the left of the page and ensure the ‘can administer other members with this permission’ box is checked. Then click grant.

Optionally you can set a start date into the future and an expiry date if this is for some reasonable desirable, but leaving them as default will grant the permission from now, until forever.

Step 4

The permission will show up against the right hand list of permissions for this user, you can revoke this permission or edit using the buttons in the top right corner of that permission.

The blue Permission Admin label indicates this user can administer this permission, and the permission with the blue Admin label indicates they can access this part of the membership system, without both they will not have the ability to manage the permission.

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