Membership question

(Joshua Maynez) #1

Hey South London makers,

I was able to attend last week to the Open Evening at the Maker Space and it was great, the space and tools available are really something.

One question I had for you was about membership. Since I just recently found out about the space existence, I wanted to know if there’s any availability to join as a member, and if there isn’t when do you guys anticipate that there would be any openings (I don’t know if some members unregister over time).

For the moment I joined the SLMS Discourse and I’m waiting for a spot to become available.

Joshua Maynez

(Tom Lynch) #2

Membership is currently closed and the plan is to review at each members meeting but we’re still at or around 340 members so it is unlikely to reopen to new members soon.

(Dermot Jones) #3

Hi Joshua,

Sign up to the membership newsletter here, it’s down at the bottom

As Tom has said: we simply don’t know when we’ll open the membership again. But it’s very likely that we will at some point. We’ve kind of pressed pause, and are getting used to it a bit

Meanwhile you’re very welcome to join the conversation here on Discourse

What kinds of activities are you most interested in?

(Joshua Maynez) #4

Thanks both for the quick replies.

Apparently, I’m already signed up to the newsletter, I probably did it when I first discovered the space.

I’m interested in woodworking, I’ve already know a bit but want to get better and actually be able to do some furniture.
A side from that I’ve played with electronics before but mostly I’m familiar with microprocessors and the cool things you can do with them (IoT, ML).
Any intersection of those two area I find interesting.

(Tom Lynch) #5

You might also take a look at