Membership charged twice


I just checked my bank account and I’ve been charged twice for membership this month. Would it be possible to take a look at this?


Will take a look!

@C8lin @asander1 the same has happened to me - I had an email alerting me to my membership renewing but the payment has been taken twice.

Appreciate you looking into it.


Sorry about that! We are in the process of a server migration, and likely this is the cause, will investigate tonight…


Hi @C8lin, @jakechur and others,

Sorry about that, I have refunded as many of the duplicate charges as I could, there are still a handful that are pending, so I can’t refund until they finish processing.

I will check back tomorrow and see if there are more to process. Let me know if I missed any!


Hi Andy,

No worries, thanks for sorting!


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Actually - me too. Got charged twice on the 15th May.

@asander1 thanks for sorting this so quickly. Refund received!

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@asander1 I’ve also been charged twice. You may have picked that up already and it’s being processed. Many thanks

Will fix, sorry about that! Thanks!

@TracyD, @dougalrees you should have a refund for the errant charge, let me know if you don’t see it!

Thanks, and sorry about that!

Hi @asander1 ive also been charged twice for this month so you know. Hope its not too faffy to refund.

Thanks! Yes, came through on the 17th.

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@asander1 sorry for the faff but I don’t see any sign of the refund

Lemme check again! Sorry!

No worries - sorry about that - should come through soon!

I just tried to refund - seems like direct debits works slightly differently, let me know if it doesn’t come through in the next day or so…

Yep nice can see it coming in already, thanks Andy

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@asander1 Looks like I also got charged twice this month (on 16/5 and 18/5)

@dom - fixed! Sorry! We are almost finished, so this should stop happening!