Members tools for borrowing

(Pete Hellyer) #1

Below is a list of tools owned by members that they are offering for others to borrow (this is a wiki)

Note, these tools do not belong to Makerspace, and are lent / borrowed at their owners own risk. Please contact the individual listed below to make enquiries about these tools.

Makerspace is not acting as a broker and no owned tools should be removed from the space without prior permission from the Directors.



  • Flux Capacitor
  • Mr Fusion
  • Delorean


guide saw + guide - for cutting boards down to size
bosch mulittool - excellent for tight spaces
trend pocket-hole jig - cheat way of making quick strong joints
loads of other tools - will take photos and update


  • Log splitter set - maul and wood grenade - great for demolishing tree stumps

  • Cordless hedge trimmer & lots of general gardening tools - loppers with telescopic handles, spade, fork, lawn edger, hoe etc.


  • Bosch Jigsaw

  • Basic silversmithing hand tools: torch, saw, handdrill, solder kit.