Members meeting and directors election

I think it is time to sort out the situation we have with directors for the makerspace.

In the last two months we have had arch 2 closed twice now for safety reasons which both could have been avoided.

Questionable building practices have been carried out without proper consultation presumably with the @directors blessing.

We received a notice that our first vat return was not sent in on time
If this is the case then can they please explain the decision process that lead to this happening.

Probably Andy is not getting support from the other directors and is having to make these decisions on his own. I feel sorry for the way it seems he has been shouldered with this responsibility? But amongst us there are experienced members that he could have asked for help.

We need to start the election process ASAP.

The decisions that have been made, may have been different if we had another director with different opinions, and ideas.

From what I understood from meetings many years ago was that the directors role was quite simple.

To carry out all legal responsibilities like , insurance, tax returns, dealing with correspondence and anything else to ensure the smooth running of SLMS.

To do everything they can to allow whatever the members as a consensus wanted to in the way of making.
And could only say no for two reasons;

Health and safety of members

This original ethos seems to have fallen by the wayside.

There was a meeting due on the 11th September which has now gone.

Please can we schedule one in soon but with at least a weeks notice to get things sorted out.

And can I suggest the main topic to be the directors election.

Andy cannot do this on his own he needs at least one more director to bounce ideas off, but also one that will challenge him when it comes to decisions.

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Hi all,

Yes, running the Space it is a ton of work, we are working on posting the election, stay tuned.

The members meeting was always and still is on the 18th, nothing has been postponed:


Look for an announcement shortly…



Can we have the agenda up for the meeting please?

If it is only 6 days away you are not giving much time for members to add to the agenda

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Will do shortly