Member input on storage

In preparation for the Space Planning Meeting, I thought it would be useful to ask for member input on storage space. This is not “official” and is just a way to gather info for a structured discussion.

Having difficulties with the table formatting…

Type Contents Duration Your name
Vertical sheet storage Walnut veneer ply A long time @Brendon_Hatcher
Locker with padlock Stanley rucksack Overnight @Riggerz
Shelf (dimensions) Active projects weeks to months. Can be off the ground @mbg
Type (dimensions) Green wood (duration) @mbg

Other makerspaces’ ideas on this:


I plan on visiting almost daily, carrying a heavy rucksack. Selfishly, I desire a key locker, that I may have the option to leave bag overnight if the need arises. Essentially, just has to be big enough for my “Stanley” rucksack.

I just want a place to keep active projects. I can’t take a whole table home every day if I’m making it at the space, for example.

Also an area to acclimate wood.

Regarding formatting, I just added a row between the headers and data containing

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Thanks Kyle. @mbg can you edit the (missing data) in the wiki?

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Thanks @Brendon_Hatcher… learning

something like this? keys will be lost :))

@father perhaps something more like gym lockers where you bring your own lock?

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@Brendon_Hatcher yeah was just looking at price / value :D.

Personal locks might cause people to leave stuff there for a very long time, and nobody else can use it. Just thinking long term, might not be an issue, but that’s just what i was thinking.

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I’d thought compartments people can leave stuff in, but cannot lock them in.


I suggest to create a space for leaving active projects, max one project per member for max a week (tag with date and member name on the project). Monthly we can remove tags from the expired projects and materials are available to all members. I’m not concerned about security.

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Last time we spoke about this, I think we were on one active project at a time for a month max. But Where is that recorded, who knows.

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What about just a sticky label on the project? Maybe later on a ledger/table on the discourse if we want to be sophisticate.

We do write things down sometimes :slight_smile: Storage


Thanks for the link Kyle.
I guess we can review the stuff there and then discuss how to express that physically in the space.

I have imagined (unlocked) lockers and a few larger 1x1m cupboards/bins/cages/shelves. Not sure how we accommodate large woodshop projects without it becoming a giant stack again.

One idea I’ve had is the first two weeks of a storage request is free then 5 quid a week after. It would hopefully motivate folks to come pick up their left items without being too punitive.

Lockers can be found for cheap on ebay.


Observation from snug cleanup:

  • Sticky labels fall off projects
  • Projects that consist of several bits are difficult to ring-fence and keep together
  • It was clear that some projects had been stored for so long that they really could be considered abandoned
  • There were possibly useful tools, materials and items that appeared to have been donated and then abandoned in place (no-one taking ownership or responsibility for them)

We may actually be talking about different things (I guess, the reason for my table above):

  • Projects being assembled tend to be bigger, room-specific, require careful treatment by others, and tend to stay for a shorter period
  • Material storage tends to need shelving, racking or stands, is bigger, and lasts for a longer period
  • A “member’s box/shelf/locker” is a defined and limited space assigned to a member for a longer term
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It’s all there! Sweet.

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Monthly storage for 20£a month is unheard of

Is it?

I know this is for pros, not hobbyists - so maybe £20 a month is high for us - but our space has value to the members, so having a bunch of it used for months and months by the few is unfair to the rest… So what is a price that is fair - but makes people take their stuff home?