Meeting & training space

Rather than dictate the location and layout of this space, I thought I’d start with some general principles.
I have made this a wiki, so please rather edit and add your own ideas, rather than replying to the thread.
Some of this is already in place.

Use cases

The space can be used for:

  • Training sessions
  • Inductions - such as the laser inductions
  • Meetings - recently we have been doing blended meetings, with some participants remote
  • Workshops - such as those organised by the textiles group
  • Individual use - at a large table, or a single-seater
  • [Add your own ideas here]


The arrangement of tables and chairs needs to support the use case:

  • Lecture room - facilitator at the head, with rows of tables and chairs facing them
  • Meeting room - U-shaped if facilitator dominates, circle or squircle if more collaborative
  • Clustered - collaborative working in groups
  • Cinema - chairs only, all facing the same way
  • [Any other layouts you can think of here]

This requires many smaller tables that can be combined in a range of ways.
Stackable chairs would probably be best.

Presentation facilities

  • Projector screen - current position interferes with the flow of people from the front door into the space
  • Projector - it MAY be a good idea to ceiling-mount it
  • Speaker - for videos, and to hear remote participants in a meeting - current cabling creates a trip hazard
  • Microphone - to broadcast local conversation to remote participants
  • Webcam on a goose neck - so that presenters can demonstrate things they are doing in front of participants
  • Wide-angle webcam to broadcast the local participants to remote participants

We are going to trial a Luna eMeet to see if that is better than just using the laptop speaker.

Non-competing usage

  • Layout doesn’t prevent reasonable use of the remainder of the space
  • Activity doesn’t block the free flow of people